A tree.  A large, but simple tree…  It swayed with the wind, shook and appeared to nearly break in swift summer rain storms, drooped in the heat of the afternoon sun, and faced each morning with what appeared to be bright, crisp leaves.  That tree taught me how to BE. It was that tree that became a symbol.  In the midst of a complicated pregnancy when life was tossing me to & fro, that tree was literally BEING what it was intended to be…a tree.  It swayed & flowed with life, handled challenges thrown its way, and yet always started fresh each day.  It was fulfilling its creative purpose by simply being what it was…a tree.

That tree taught me to honor and BE all that I was intended to be & to willingly accept who I was and who I was meant to become. It also reminded me that life is a journey – and not meant to be mastered all at once.

Sometimes we get in our own way of understanding & becoming who we are meant to be, and that, in part, is at the root of Nature’s Path Massage & Healing Arts.  We are all here on this planet to help, learn from and teach each other. The work at Nature’s Path is simple, it’s gentle, it flows with your body’s natural rhythms, and provides relief from many states of imbalance that may be getting in your way of understanding or living to your true potential.  Imbalances may be physical; including the structure and systems of your body, energetic; including all the energy systems like chakras & meridians and such, Emotional, or simply to do with a lack of adequate nutrition or an exposure to environmental factors that are throwing things off.

A friend of mine has said – there is One Simple Rule about healing: “You must become who-you-really-are. That means to love, accept and be yourself no matter what.  You can’t contract or pull back your energy for others or for fear or for anything else. NO light dimming allowed.  When you get to this point of being unapologetically you, your energy will flow, your body will be in full healing mode, and you’ll be on your way to miracles!”

We will work together in stepping toward wellness, healing & growth as you SIMPLY BE… Who You Are.