In yesterday’s post I mentioned a moment of decision regarding my personal fitness level. The idea of “walking the walk”, not just “talking the talk”. A key point of change in my life happened back in December. I was editing and backing up files for the year when I came across an old bucket list. As I read through it I realized not many things had changed. I still wanted to sky dive, go to Hawaii with my spouse, and travel to Paris. I read the list not remembering when I’d written it convinced it somehow was recently compiled. Then I saw the creation date for the file… 5 years old! I hadn’t done a single thing on the list.

I hadn’t done a single thing on the list!

I hurt inside when I that realization hit! No marathon, no fun vacationing, nothing that I’d told myself I really wanted to do. I decided to change!

Two items on my list were hiking related, and I was looking for a benchmark to keep me motivated in my new drive for fitness. So I combined the hikes as part of my fitness benchmarks. Hike #1: Mt. Timpanogos in Utah County and Hike #2: The Grand Canyon rim to rim. I wanted to do these hikes, enjoy them, and feel strong while doing them.

I set other smaller benchmarks along the way, and will blog about those another day, because… today is the day for hike #1! I am on my way to Orem to begin an overnight hike to the top of Mt. Timpanogos!

Here’s a picture of my fun new gear!


I’m filled with excitement to have reached the fitness level I have, and to feel confident for this benchmark! (I’ll let you know Monday if the excitement holds after hiking with a full pack!)