Bridge Crossing


See if this sounds familiar…

Recently I had one of those days where I felt like I was in the middle of a suspension bridge floating out between two cliff sides. You know this bridge; it wobbles, it moves, it sways with the strong up-winds circling toward you. This is the bridge that in the movies starts to fray on one side threatening to break at any moment, that perhaps even has a thick, cloudy fog blocking the view of the destination. That was the bridge I was on. I’m swaying, my legs are trembling, and I’m hanging on, and although I know I can’t go back I’m really unsure of what is ahead. What lies out toward this cliff?

Recently, I attended a CranioSacral Therapy training conference where we were reminded about different parts of the brain and their functions. The instructor’s explanation of what the pre-frontal cortex does was simple, it basically tells us “I love it even though I’m miserable!” It’s the core of why embracing change can be so difficult, our brain is wired to do the familiar!

The steps behind us – even if we hated them, are familiar and easy to repeat. Eating that sugary treat when we’ve told ourselves we wouldn’t, or skipping that day of exercise convincing ourselves we’ll make it up some other time. Even the patterns and habits we form that we logically KNOW will hurt us; abusive relationships, addictions, or repeating negative thoughts to ourselves, all can be linked to our fabulous brain doing it’s job!

So what of the steps before us on this bridge? The steps before us represent NEW, unexplored and challenging territory. Whether talking about business or life the same can be said, the key to stepping out and continuing to the other side of the bridge is courage!

In Charles Duhigg’s best selling book titled “The Power of Habit,”the author shares that all it really takes to develop a new pattern, a new habit, is to change one part of a routine. You don’t have to change the whole thing to make an impact, just the beginning. The human mind is malleable, the brain can be re-wired to accept new adventures and habits! When you give your brain a new starting point, it starts to create a new pathway, a new habit, and new way of managing your life.

While our brains may be wired to crave the familiar, I’ll venture to say that our spirit craves growth. Instinctively, with the right elements in place, the human spirit strives to be better, to experience joy!

So – where am I on this bridge today? Well I’m certainly not miserable and looking back to the familiar! (or at least a loss less– I’ll be real!). Join me – find courage! We’ve got this! Let’s go cross the bridge!