Discovering Greater Clarity

american-plum-3In August of last year I was given an incredible gift – the gift of clear vision! I won a radio contest for free iLasik eye surgery sponsored by Canyon Media 94.1 and Richens Eye Center in St. George, UT.

The procedure itself was quick, relatively painless and the recovery time minimal. The effect on my day-to-day life was utterly amazing!

I was not blind – I could see, but I was dependent on glasses and contacts for clarity. At times, especially at night, my glasses were not quite enough. Glare and lack of peripheral vision limited my confidence.

The experience of walking out of surgery seeing 20/20 is indescribable! Even with the eye ointments, eye shields, and minor irritation from the procedure, I was celebrating! I could see clearly perhaps for the first time in my life without assistance! As I drove in the following days, I was amazed at the detail I experienced from the world around me; the shapes of the individual colors and textures of plants, the hillside and more. I experienced seeing facial expressions in my children that I had somehow missed before. Daily. I still find myself expressing gratitude simply for what I can now SEE that I couldn’t see before.

This clarity of my physical vision has continued with an emotional and mental vision change to match.

For the last several months as I’ve worked with a mentor, and have changed my focus to my strengths, talents and abilities, and let go of the things that are unimportant for my growth, a distinct clarity of purpose has risen from me.

We are often blind to the things we are best at. It may be difficult to identify our talents as sometimes they are in places you’d least expect. Asking the right kinds of questions or seeking out mentors to help ask the right questions is like putting on new glasses or even better, creating permanent change.

What happens when you start living in clarity? I’ve noticed that language improves; you stop saying what you can’t do or what you don’t know and start saying what you want, what you expect, and where you are headed. Speaking from gratitude for lessons learned and not saying how life was so hard comes more easily to mind.

With greater clarity you may start recognizing the joy of loving yourself and others. The sun seems brighter, the grass greener, appreciation for your surroundings takes on new meaning. You may even find yourself picking up trash off the ground just because it makes you happy to have things look better in the world. Better care of self becomes a priority; eating cleaner, exercising for the joy of it, honoring yourself with restful breaks and proper time to refuel become paramount.

Clarity brings to mind, from a space of loving self, the things that you need to change rather than seeing faults in others. Forgiveness comes quicker, kindness is more sincere, and service to others is more important than before.

This clarity doesn’t happen all at once. It comes one step at a time. Step into it. Start by asking new questions. Put on the new glasses. Seek the permanent change.