This time of year I’m always drawn to the symbolism of the season. Take for instance the evergreen tree. Across cultural and religious beliefs we find a shared symbolism of these magnificent trees.

The ancient Celts recognized the fir’s ability to outlive and outlast most other trees. Their resilience and longevity despite rough weather or poor growing conditions set them apart. They are a pillar of strength, and a symbol of honesty and truth as they grow “straight and narrow”.

When grouped together, they are a symbol of friendship. They never lose their vibrant green color! They are a reminder of life and the life-long connections we share with our friends. The fir’s evergreen nature signifies hope, promise and renewal in the midst of the long, dark winter months. Celebrations and rituals are centered around the fir, (namely Christmas!) setting intentions for the upcoming abundant spring.

Evergreen Trees

Evergreen is also a symbol of the vibrant ever-lasting life that is available to us from our Savior’s Atonement. Fir needles point upward – seeking the source of light. So must we!

In ancient times, fir trees were planted on graves of the great ones as a sign of reverence and remembrance. May we, as we see the great evergreen tree, recognize the blessings we have because of Jesus Christ. May each of us be evergreen in our commitments to ourselves and to others, always seeking the light. May we reverence and remember Him, for it is because of Him that we have life.

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