I’ve Decided.

Hitting Nature's Path in Portland, Oregon June 2015.

Hitting Nature’s Path in Portland, Oregon.  June 2015.

Yesterday I attended a networking event where a discussion about personal and professional goals took place. I had the opportunity to share that (among many other goals) I felt a desire to write and be published more often. Yet, I hadn’t decided how exactly to make it a priority in my seemingly full work days and weeks.  A friend and colleague of mine heard me and met my desire to write by suggesting a motivating benchmark. The benchmark is challenging, exciting, and clearly defined. Suddenly, I decided to move forward into my goal of increased writing!

So it is with life. Often we want something. We know it will benefit us, help us grow and improve, but perhaps we feel a barrier in the way of reaching for or obtaining our desires. It is a barrier of our own making I believe. A barrier created to hide the insecurity of actually seeing our own greatness, and believing it is really in us, or that it’s something we can really have! When we decide, excuses fall apart, blame replaced by responsibility, and real hope shines!

When we decide, the hardest part of the battle – the internal one –  has been won.

I’ve felt this way before. It was exactly a year ago that I attended a similar breakfast event. I felt a similar excitement about stepping into my next decision after attending. I had been struggling with how best to handle a difficult business situation, and how to tap into a drive I felt for my dream business. Several people that I now count as friends were sitting at my table that day listening to me share. Each offered key pieces of advice that have stuck with me. The words, “It is time, go do it!” hit my heart with such energy that I felt an immediate call to act. That day triggered a decision. I would honor the greatness within me and move forward.

The next 45 days dramatically changed my business and my life. I made the hard choices, followed through, and saw immediate improvement in all areas. Additional “decide” moments have followed as I realized other barriers I’d placed in front of myself. “Walking-the-walk” not just “talking-the-talk” in regards to personal fitness and eating and sleeping habits was a big one! Choosing to have an increased level of honor in my role as wife and mother was another. Those decisions are refined often. And guess what… I’m human! It’s not all been easy. I’ve had moments of doubt and questioned my resolve, and had moments of forgetting what I decided. However, I am so much more excited about where I’m headed, and the fun and energizing life created before me than I have ever felt before!

I’ve decided. I will be writing more, perhaps even daily, to reach my personal and professional benchmarks. Reader feedback is welcome as I write about everything from my hiking and exercise adventures, to insights learned from clients, to health and wellness tips.

What decisions have you been putting off? What barriers to living in your greatness are you ready to face and let go of? Are you ready to decide?