What is Energy Work?

Over the last nearly 12 years as I’ve become aware of, studied, and practiced energy work, the biggest question everyone asks is: “What is Energy Work?”.  To some energy work is something to be feared, or classified as “voodoo-y” – perhaps even a form of religious worship. To me, it is none of those things. It’s not magic, mystical or something to be feared. It’s not a replacement for prayer or any religious beliefs.

Energy Work refers to working on systems of the body that aren’t physically seen but nonetheless exist.  The definition of energy from a scientific view: Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work.  Energy exists all around and within us in several forms such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical, or other forms. Because our bodies have an electrical system, defibrillators are used to restart the heart after a heart attack. We also have an electromagnetic system, which allows all kinds of communications to occur within and without the body. This is the system that is used when muscle testing (also known as kinesiology) to find blocks, weaknesses or imbalances within the body. A polygraph test also uses this system and can be compared to muscle testing, as it is used to measure the body’s subconscious response to a true or false question.

A great analogy to explain how this works:  Think of yourself as a bio-computer. As such, you store information, some of which is not serving you well – old programs, viruses, false information, etc. Just like a computer gets slow and tired over time, so do you (especially when you are hanging onto hurtful things from the past)! These things fester over time and become something much bigger and more complicated. So just like you would call a computer expert to come clean up your hard drive and software, an energy work practitioner would clean out the old programs you are holding onto.  With all the debris gone, the mind, body, and soul are now able to heal and function as they were designed to – and you are well on your way to being your best self!  Think of what I do as hitting the reset button.

The modality that I use, The Body CodeTM, uses kinesiology to find imbalances, trapped emotions and energies within a person’s being. Oftentimes the imbalances are happening subconsciously, and the only awareness a person has to the effects of the imbalances is how they are manifesting in the mind or body  – illness, anxiety, depression, etc.  The Body Code is a very complex program that allows practitioners to get very detailed with where & what systems may be influenced by imbalances or restrictions. Once all the imbalances are found the energy is cleared.

People ask me all the time what I do, and how it all works. In a nutshell, I simply say, “I help people remember who they really are.”