Today I shared some time with 2nd graders reading “Jacob’s Gift”. The story of a young man finding his talents – his gifts and then sharing them with others in the form of the manger for the Christ child. I brought the children a cookie cutter & a treat to remind them – “Don’t be like a cookie-cutter & be the same as everyone around you. Find Your Gifts – Share your gift. Be the best you – you can be.” We are all meant to be different, we each have strengths that make us unique. Our “job” is to find them, explore them, develop them and then…SHARE! I’m so grateful that I’m finding more and more each day where my talents and gifts lie and that I’m sharing them more and more with those around me in business and in life. It has brought a whole new meaning to the idea of ‪#‎ShareTheGift‬! He’s given us the greatest gift and we have the opportunity to return it back with ours!