Stop! Look, Listen & Live.

(This article was recently published in the St. George Health & Wellness Magazine.  Thought I’d share!)

The beginning of this school year brought a huge transition in my life…my baby started kindergarten!  As a mom of seven children, the day was long in coming!  In helping my daughter prepare for school, I had her attend “Safety Town” put on by St. George City over the summer. Among the lessons about cops being our friends and stranger danger they covered the principles of safe street crossing; Stop, Look, Listen, GO! (my words – not safety town’s). Stop at the edge of the street, Look both ways, Listen for cars, and then GO! (if it’s safe).

So how does this apply to health?  Daily we are faced with choices about our health and what is or isn’t best for us and I say…well – STOP! Take an inventory of you!  Look inside yourself and at your surroundings– what do you see?  As you focus on your heart, mind, and each part within you, do you hear any messages?  What do you see, feel, or sense about yourself?  What is your body, mind and heart telling you?  You may or may not think you are receiving any messages – but your body is telling you all kinds of things!  That ache in your back, that twinge of pain in your knee, that chronic headache or “pinched nerve” that’s been bothering you for years — they are all messages.  You may even be getting a lot of positive “thank you for taking such great care of me!” messages. (Good Job!)

I invite you to take a moment to really LOOK inside yourself.  Even if you are only using your imagination and don’t have a belief yet in trusting your instinctive self.  Look inside and ask what is going on within.  Go organ by organ, system by system and simply ask – are you happy?  Is there something that you need to be aware of?

Instinct, Intuition, Awareness.  These are all words to describe the listening we do within ourselves.  As you make a practice of taking the time to LISTEN, your body will help you be more aware of things that may need to be balanced, corrected or cared for.  Many of the things our bodies make us aware of can be taken care of without outside help.  We are powerful beings capable of creating new thought patterns or trying new experiences without help from someone else! But what happens when you don’t feel like you’re hearing the messages? Or perhaps life has become overwhelming and you just want that second opinion?  Seek it out.  A trusted doctor or friend, prayer, beautiful music, a walk in nature, a really good massage, or perhaps some other kind of specialized care are all supportive methods to assist you.

Giving attention to the areas that your body may need caring for gives you a new way to LIVE. The LIVE stage is the “GO!”  Living in a state of awareness might mean that you aren’t willing to put up with that ache or pain anymore, or that you are ready to let go of a thought pattern that no longer serves you. The GO stage is action! Moving forward with the goal of better caring for YOU!

The women at The Healing Connection, are each specialists in different methods of supporting you as you Stop, Look, Listen, and Live.  We offer a natural approach to health with over 43 years of combined experience with modalities ranging from brain re-education with Neurofeedback, specialized Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Health and Wellness Coaching and more in our office. We invite you to become educated as you explore (and maybe even stretch your imagination a little!) and discover options for your better health.